Integrated Wellness Solutions

Proactive, Integrated Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

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Easy-to-use software.Personalized service.

We take care of just about everything before, during, and after the Annual Wellness Visit. Medicare patients are in good hands with Welltality which allows physicians to focus on their practice.

Serving you and your patients.Welltality’s robust services include checking patient eligibility, contacting/scheduling patients, and providing a Wellness Specialist that will perform the patient’s health risk assessment. Our intuitive online platform and Annual Wellness Visit software creates a personalized preventative care plan for both the physician and the patient, making compliance easier for everyone.
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Increased revenue. Decreased effort. With our streamlined and seamless process, we can complete 12 to 15 Annual Wellness Visits per day, compared to the average practice’s four or five per week, giving doctors more time to help more patients. The result is increased revenue, improvement in closing patient care gaps, and better patient compliance.
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